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fall in love with me and I’ll teach you why storms are named after people.

The Wonder Years by Matt Vogel on Flickr.

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zachgalifinapkins asked: "Your being human post was incredible and inspiring and I really loved it. You are a wonderful person, even though I don't know you and I am so so so happy that you are accepting yourself and recovering in the way that you are. Thank you for sharing, it's helping me to accept myself."

Awh oh my gosh this is so nice! If you ever need to talk to someone about anything I’m always here

I’m not answering what you sent publicly. If you wanna talk about something that personal, then talk to me off anon. Otherwise, I won’t be saying anything about it.

Today I have accepted that I am human. I am a tiny human with black/brown(????) hair that can barely be tamed. I’m a human that forgets to shave her legs, and armpits, and maybe sometimes forgets to do her eyebrows. I am a human that has also has a little bit of pudge, and could lose some weight on her arms and tone up her tummy. I am also a tiny human that has an extra tooth, and won’t have straight teeth for a few years.
But you know what else?
I am a tiny human with a heart of gold who does everything she can to make sure everyone around her is happy. I am a tiny human who can bake some incredible brownies, cupcakes, and any other baked goods. I am a tiny human who will take care of you when you are sick, and will make sure you’re okay for the rest of the night. I am a lovely little human.
One of the best things about being human is having the ability to change. To change your environment, to change the things that you don’t like. Whether they be about yourself, or the things around you. Today, I learned to love myself for what I am, and change the things that I’m not happy with. I am tiny, beautiful, loving, unstable, caring, awesome, wonderful, human.
i look/feel like a scene kid without ever actually having to tease my hair.

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I came out swinging from a South Philly basement caked in stale beer and sweat under half-lit fluorescents - (x)

The Wonder Years by Senny Mau on Flickr.
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